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Hi, welcome to the StoryTagger - User-generated video learning testing family

StoryTagger is the simplest way to capture and share authentic video learning stories. Record your own using the story code: "mystory" Video storytelling tool for enterprise learning Audiences increasingly demand authentic, engaging videos, but capturing real customer and employee stories to support mission-critical goals isn’t straightforward. That’s where StoryTagger helps. It’s a guided video storytelling tool for creating and sharing great user-generated content. The best learning comes from sharing real experience. And today more and more organisations are recognising the benefits of good storytelling. The wealth of social video available to consumers shows just how memorable video can be, but creating and sharing a meaningful learning story to support organisational goals isn’t always straightforward. That’s where StoryTagger helps. It combines a guided storytelling app with a managed digital platform for creating and sharing inspiring user-generated advocacy interview style video content. Authentic video. Lower costs. Professional video production can deliver great content. But, it is expensive, time-consuming and tough to scale. Need your video stories to be short and authentic? The best way is to help people self-film with a guided interview format. Unlimited stories. Quick to deploy. Quickly deploy story frameworks to your people with our cloud-based story manager. It’s simple to publish video stories back to the StoryTagger app or your existing platforms. And, expert resources and toolkits help you design frameworks and build engagement. One simple app. Easy to use. Our mobile app makes it easy to plan, capture and upload real experiences. It guides people through a reflective step-by-step interview process with custom prompts. Focussing on the story not the technology helps everyone create amazing content that your audience will want to watch. Become a story tagger today!

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